Shoes for Thick Calves – How to make your legs look slimmer with shoes

Are you sick and tired of trying all ways to make your calves slimmer? Anyone told you that running long distances would slim your calves? But does it seem that the more you run, the thicker your calves get..

If you’ve done the exercises, cut the excess sugars etc and your legs are still the way they are, then girl, it’s time to #Loveyourbody.

I once read an article ( that straight bones are the main ingredients to the perfect pair of legs. I cant change what God has given me, so I’d just try to make the best of what I have!

Tips on Choosing Shoes for Thick Calves and Ankles:

1.Avoid Anything around the Ankles

If possible, I mean ANYTHING. No straps, no booties, no ribbons. Anything around the ankles cuts the legs into sections and draws attention to the calves and ankles.

Try to go for shoes that are as open as possible – eg. Pumps, Sandals, ballerinas.

Difference between covered and open shoes. Try not to have any bulk or material around the ankles

Does that mean we can’t wear Strappy Sandals? No way! Strappy sandals may be the perfect shoe to go with an evening dress. How do you select the right one then?

Go for a T-bar or a curvy strappy style that wraps across the foot. The strap in the middle/curves around the foot draws the eye along the line and gives illusion of length. Also, look for lines that begin below the ankle bone. You want to avoid straps in the red dotted line area and always look for lines below the blue line (below the ankle bone).

If you have to go for something around the ankles, opt for Nude/skin tone colour or a light colour that is not too obvious


Nude shoes will give the illusion of blending in with your skin and will elongate your legs instantly. Another tip, there are so many different shades of look for the one that is closest to your skin tone. Think of it as looking for that perfect foundation shade!

2.Show more Skin!


Not skin elsewhere but skin on your foot! Showing more skin will give the illusion of length and elongate your legs. Think of peep toes and open sandals..

3. Try to always have a little heel

Even when you’re in the mood for flats, you can opt for a shoe with a very low heel. The low heel instantly lifts the ankles and makes it appear thinner

Image from Pretty Ballerinas and Asos respectively


4. Pointy Toes vs Round Toes vs Square Toes

Pointed shoes elongates the foot and gives the illusion of longer, slimmer legs.

In the pictures above, I’ve only put on the Square toe and the Pointy toe to illustrate the point. You can instantly see that the leg with the pointy toe looks longer and more slender.The round toe shoe will have an effect somewhere in between the two.

5. Try not to wear heels that are TOO thin

Heels that are too thin give too much of a contrast and will emphasize on the bulk of our calves and ankles. Opt for something slightly thicker to balance out. Not too thick though – or it may end up being too chunky!

TIP: If you insist on a skinny heel (cos we all know it makes us feel super sexy), do look for something shorter. The higher the heel, the more compressed your calves muscles are, causing them to protrude out more and emphasizing the size.


Alright, I think you’ve heard me repeat this often enough – ELONGATE, ELONGATE, ELONGATE! Thats key to drawing the eyes away from the thick legs to something else – like a pretty pedicure maybe? 🙂

Hope these tips are useful! Share with me what are some of your best tips for dealing with thick calves or ankles.
Remember, everyone is beautiful in their own ways. We just need to learn to work with what we were blessed with.

Disclaimer: Most of the shoes are my own and I would have already purchased shoes that flatter my leg shape so differences between shoes may not be as obvious as it would be compared to an unflattering shoe. Results will be different for different people depending on leg shape and size.


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