La La Land Mia Shoes – Celebrity Style

Caught the film in 2016 and loved it? It was probably one of my favourite romantic films ever but I hated the ending! One thing I couldn’t help but notice throughout the movie was her outfits and footwear. So this post will be dedicated to the shoes we saw in the film and where you can find similar styles in Singapore

  1. Jazz shoes with Yellow dress
Image credit

We’d definitely have to start with one of the most romantic scenes in the show – where Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) were taking a stroll under the stars back to Mia’s car and they suddenly broke into a dance.

Similar style in Singapore?

Diamond Walker Ladies Brogues with Heels. Website here

How else to wear this style?

The easiest way would definitely to keep it monochrome or Black and White to match the shoes.  Image credit 1 and 2.

Image credit here.

She’s not wearing a B&W oxford here but this outfit would go perfectly with a B&W oxford shoes.

Keep things interesting with a colour blocking scheme. A black and white oxford will help anchor the look and pull everything together.

2. Blue strappy heels with Blue dress

Image credit

Where to find this in Singapore? Not many cobalt blue shoes at this moment but I finally managed to find one.. on sale now at Robinsons!

SCHUTZ At Robinsons Heeren. By the way, these are on 50% discount! Now SGD 120


How else to wear this style?

Cobalt blue is such a favourite in fashion that it’s almost become a staple. Yet many people don’t know how to style this.

If you want to go all blue like Mia in La La Land, try to dress in different shades of blue throughout your outfit to give it more dept.

Image Credit

You can really bring out a print in your outfit by wearing the same colour on your shoes. The outfit in the photo below is made up largely of basic colours but spiced up with elements of blue prints to create an interesting and chic look.

Image credit

3. Nude pointy mid-heeled pump with ankle strap and Green Dress

Image Credit

You know you will never go wrong with brown or nude shoes with a green dress – just take inspiration from the trees you see around you.

Because it’s nude, the shoe will blend in with your skin if you are fair-toned. This is a basic staple that every girl must have in her wardrobe. Usually used to tone down or balance out a loud outfit – in the case of La La Land it was a solid emerald dress.All the dancing scenes came with strappy heels to keep the shoes in place when running/jumping/dancing!

Where to find a cute ankle strap nude pumps in Singapore?


Marble Ink found at Robinsons Heeren

Alternatively, you can also keep it simple by pairing it with jeans and a cute top. Nude pumps practically go with anything!

Image Credit

4. Black patent pumps with LBD

In the show it appears that Mia is wearing a pair of Louboutins given the red sole. If you can’t afford Louboutins, fear not, you can still always find a pair of sexy patented black and AFFORDABLE pumps here in Singapore too.


Aldo Black Patented Pumps Image Credit

Black pumps are super versatile and will always remain a classic design – you can wear this with almost any style. Keep it casual with jeans, dressy for special occasions or serious for work. Due to its high gloss, the patented finishing tends to be slightly dressier so you would tend to see this more often with occasion dresses.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing more about what patent leather is exactly and how to care for them. Stay tuned!


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