My Journey – why shoes?

Many people have asked me why shoes? This was never a question I thought about till someone actually asked. The love for shoes had always come naturally. But what spurred me to just jump in and immerse myself in this world?

When you love something more than hating the status quo, you’ll find the courage to make the move.

Some Background on Myself

I used to work for the corporate world full-time for 6 years. The workload was always heavy but being young, it was exciting because it was challenging and I was learning alot. I was working very long hours multiple times a week. I barely saw my parents, by the time I got home, they were fast asleep. I was so irritable. I pity my poor then-boyfriend, now-husband who had to deal with my snappiness and mood swings. And worst of all, I fell sick. Because of stress, I developed hyperthyroid – the symptoms inconvenienced my entire life.

I thought things would get better by going  for holidays. Nothing helped. I didn’t realize that I was really BURNT OUT…

And then, my company got acquired. People in the team left and those who were left behind were left to pick up the pieces. I felt betrayed by the company – the company which we loved, we slogged for, we fought for, and stayed for had just sold us to a competitor. Worst of all, a competitor that was so vastly different in values and philosophies. I fell sick again. It took me 2 years to regulate my thyroid back to health and now I had a relapse.

So I told myself – it’s just not worth it. This company which I fought for didn’t care – I was just a number in a big organisation. That was really an all time low for me.

I hated who I had become. I was living like a zombie, and I wanted to truly live. To be doing something I loved and believed in so much again.

So I took the plunge. I quit my job to pursue a passion I knew I had a long time ago. I enrolled myself into a shoe fashion school and I’ve never regretted a single moment since.

So Why Shoes?

It was always a constant gripe that I couldn’t find the right shoe to match my outfits. Whenever I looked at an outfit, I would always pay attention to the shoes – it just pulled everything together. Sometimes, I even planned my outfits around which shoe I wanted to wear that day.

To me, shoes are more than a piece of material on your feet. It’s magic – it’s not just about how you look but it’s about how it makes you feel. The woman walks taller, straighter and with more confidence. It’s as if nothing could get her down. Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

So here I am starting a blog. With nothing much but just a heart full of passion and humility to learn, I hope to be able to spread abit of that love to people around me and to meet like-minded individuals as well! 🙂




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