Beauty and the Beast Movie 2017 – Celebrity Style

Beauty and the Beast opens in Singapore in 3 days time on 16 March 2017!! And who doesn’t love the fairytale of beautiful, smart and kind girl finding true love in the most unexpected place?

Beauty and the Beast was definitely THE favourite disney princess story I watched when I was young so I have been waiting in eager anticipation for this show to be released.

Though we’ve all grown a little (or alot) older, you gotta admit there’s still a little girl inside each one of us still wanting to be a princess – to wear beautiful gowna, live out an adventure and best of all, meet a prince!! But we can’t all be walking around in ball gowns and milkmaid costumes all day. So how do we dress like Belle and live out our Beauty and the Beast fantasy in real life? I’ve curated a few Belle-inspired looks and matching shoes to go with each outfit.


  1. The Blue Apron/Milkmaid Dress

This is the dress that Belle is seen in the most in the beginning of the show as she is after all a villager and the daughter of an eccentric inventor.

blue dress 2
Photo credit: Disney
blue dress
Photo Credit: Disney

Modern Day Belle:

We can layer up this denim pinafore/white blouse to recreate a similar Belle look. Pair it with a pair of sneakers to keep it casual, or ankle boots for a different twist. Add a hat for an ultra chic look. I also really like pairing this dress with brown strappy sandals.

denim pinafore with sneakers
Keeping it casual with sneakers. Photo credit here
denim pinafore dress booties
Adding a hat makes this look ultra chic. Photo credit here
Denim pinafore styling
Love how the camel colour stands out against the blue and white. Keep things interesting with a strappy look. Photo credit here

2. The White Floral Embroidered Dress

Similar style to the blue apron/milkmaid look except that the pinafore has a floral pattern to it.

belle white floral dress
Photo Credit: Disney

Modern Day Belle:

Keep it neutral by pairing it with basic colours like nude, camel and black. Or choose a colour from the prints and make it pop by wearing that same colour on your feet!

Balance it up with brown.

white floral with neutral shoes
Photo credit here

Back to Black, works like a charm.

embrodeiry dress with black strappy heels
 Photo credit here

Choose a colour from the prints to really make it pop.

colourful white floral dress with yellow shoes
Photo credit here

3. The Red Cape in the snow scene

belle red cape snow scene
Photo Credit:Disney
red cape snow
Photo Credit here

Modern Day Belle:

Workwear on point in this strong red blazer, red lipstick and statement shoes.

red blazer workwear
Via whowhatwear. Photo credit here

Pair Red with Black to achieve balance but keep the look interesting and strong with these knee high lace up boots.

red dress knee boots
Photo credit here

Retrosonja blogger looking super cute here in her red poncho paired with black oxfords and a beret.

red cape and beret
Via Retrosonja.  Photo credit here


4. The Famous Yellow Ballgown

Beauty and the beast yellow dress
In the most famous dance scene “Be our guest”. Photo credit: Disney

Modern Day Belle:

Colour block your outfit with contrasting blue and aquamarine.

yellow dress contrast shoes
via LetsRestycle Photo credit here

The full midi skirt paired with crisp white shirt makes this look so wearable. And the statement necklace and shoes pulls the whole look together and makes it super chic!

full yellow skirt statement shoes
via StylePantry Photo credit here


Hope you enjoyed this post! Share with me by tagging me on Instagram or leave a comment below if you came up with any belle-inspired outfits after watching the movie!


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