How to quit your job and do what you love

So today I was asked by 2 different people under 2 very different circumstances “What do you work as?” One of the conversations went something like this:

Woman: What are you working as?
Me: Oh, I’m not working.
Woman: How long have you not been working for?
Me: 8 months?
Woman: Times are that bad huh.
Me: Actually no. I chose not to work and I’m happy.

And then I realized, OMG, it was so liberating to say that.¬†In the past, I used to reply sheepishly “Oh… I’m currently not working” or “I’m in between jobs” or “I’m JUST taking a break”.

Now the truth is this – I AM WORKING. I’m just not working in your typical 9 to 5 kind of day job. In fact, the type of work I do right now makes me work round the clock – the kind where you can’t get your mind off it and you’re constantly thinking of how to do things better. But¬†I’m loving every moment of it!

Everyone who hears how I quit my job thinks I’m crazy but actually secretly wish they could have done that. So here’s my take on how to quit your job and do what you love – the adult way. Not in that adult way. I mean, responsibly like an adult….


    Knowing what you want to do is not a “ah-ha today I woke up and I feel like I want to grow my own tomatoes and sell them for a living!”. There’s alot more thought you need to put into it.

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    First you need to know what makes you tick, what do you love, what would you DIE for?! (almost).

    Tell yourself the next 3 years are going to be the sh*ttiest years of your life – and then ask yourself if you’re still gonna want to wake up, get up and do ____(insert whatever you’re planning on quitting your job for)____.

    Next,¬† you need to find a gap in the market and fill it. The world doesn’t need another person serving the same need. You need to provide something that somebody would be happily willing to part money with.

    Third, this is probably the most important – you need to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. You may love something, but it does not necessarily mean you’re good at it.

    shocked joey
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    At this point, you have 2 options – 1) you hire someone to do it or 2) you practise damn hard and you make sure you get good at it. For most entrepreneurs, it’s more likely the latter – since most of us start out pretty broke.


    Expectation of quitting your job:

Reality of quitting your job:

So the childish thing for you to do is to give it up all and just quit and walk out and think you are going to make it big the next day and be an overnight success. And then to find yourself penniless, hopeless and starving 2 months later.

The Adult way is to plan in advance – WAY IN ADVANCE. This means knowing how much you need and saving up for it however long it takes.

Some financial commitments that are often overlooked:
Рinsurance premiums
– a medical fund (with all the long hours you’ll be putting there will one day you’ll fall sick)
– some money for special occasions (birthday celebration with friends, maybe some money for the occasional shopping?)

You could go extremely hard on yourself and live in an almost monk-like way for 3 years but it’s going to be very tough and being a smart entrepreneur is knowing which battles to choose. Especially when it comes to managing your money.


So after all the planning and the saving, what next?

Trust me, the WORST you will experience mentally and emotionally when quitting your job are the weeks before and the weeks after. After? Because you will go through an identity crisis and question your sanity.

And some people question their sanity so much after quitting that they just end up going back to another job.¬†Don’t do it. ¬† ¬†Just press on. ¬† ¬†Keep Going.

You know they always say there is always a rainbow after every storm.

via Gecko&Fly


This may be a tad bit of an oversimplification but in essence that’s really what you need to do. Just 3 easy steps. The last is really more of a leap than a step but if you plan it right, it will be a leap worth taking.

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho


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