Adjustable Heels – First in Singapore – GENA Singapore

I’m one who frequently visits Kickstarter to see what’s new and hot at the moment. Was pleasantly surprised to find a local footwear company that’s looking to revolutionize the way we wear our heels.

Ladies who go to work in flats and change out to your heels need not carry around all that bulk in your handbag anymore. Finally a company has come up with an adjustable heel with 2 heights – 2cm and 9cm – to take you from office to play in a matter of seconds.

I’m excited to try out their shoes and see how comfortable these really are. Adjustable or interchangeable heels have been all the rage recently so I’m curious to find out if they really live up to the hype.

GenaSingapore’s heels are very affordable, starting at S$ 130 on Kickstarter. Do find out more details and support them on their Kickstarter campaignĀ Ā here! Best news is all Kickstarter backers will enjoy 25% lifetime members discount on the retail price in the future.

From now till 16 August 2017, they will also be showcasing their shoes at Millenia Walk. More details below!

GENA Singapore Launch at Milennia Walk
via GenaSingapore’s Instagram

Another company producing interchangeable heel heights, and was very successful in raising funding on Kickstarter, is Mime Et Moi – German company which patented their changeable heel and flexi sole technology.


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